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I'm Kubbi!~ I write music on computers and old video game consoles. It's like.. the most inconvenient and dumbest thing to do and I have no idea why I just can't stop. I spend most of my day trying to write that song that no one else ever could. It's an obsession. Not to worry though, y'all lucky bastards get to listen in

*Que Confetti

SUBSCRIPTION! 3 bucks a month, that's it! I have no idea how and why you came across my music but if you're afraid you'd ever lose it or forget about it completely this is your chance to not do that. Once a month you'll see 3 bucks leave your account and wonder why for a few seconds before realizing you need to listen to Ember again. I'll not only spend this money on food and bills, but also fancy new equipment to improve my products and music. Next to that there's also these mind-blowing perks that YOU get:

- Brand new work-in-progress song demos and sneak peeks!

- All old AND future releases available instantly forever. Either on the Bandcamp app or downloadable for your computer.

- Subscriber exclusive bonus content on future releases. Bonus tracks, Stems, Samples & presets, Renoise/lsdj files etc

- Subscriber exclusive discounts on some sweet merchandise (more to come soon)

- MORE MUSIC IN GENERAL. This is by far the best way to support me and help me create more content for y'all.

- More things? YES, but in the future!

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